GMSS, pronounced (GEMS), is a non-profit organization, founded by Glennese Michelle Smith Scott, January 11, 2016. The name of the organization originated from my initials in my name which stands for   G- Great M- Motivation S- Starts with S-Self. The reason why I chose this name is because, growing up, I never thought I would be anything in life because I was a high school dropout, a teenage mom, a troubled teen, a convicted felon, and to top it off I was being physically and mentally abused. I found myself in deep thoughts about what could I do to change me and my situation.

As I began my journey with working on SELF, I took my G.E.D and passed the first time at the age of 17. I was told that wasn’t good enough, so once again, I felt rejected. I had a feeling of not belonging, so I acted out. Years passed and I began to lose people I loved, so I once tried again with working on SELF. Determined to get self in check, I enrolled at Alcorn State University in 2006 and by May 2009, I had earned a B.S. in Education. This still wasn’t good enough for me, so I enrolled again to work on a Master’s degree. I will never forget telling my instructor that my goal was to complete it in one year! So May 2011, I earned a M.S. in Secondary Education (endorsement: Counseling). Also I became a published author June 2011. I wrote “Surviving a Thousand Deaths, The Glennese Smith Scott Story”. So alone my journey with working on self, I decided I wanted to help others that had this same feeling or background as myself. I never gave up was the key, I believed in myself, and I became my own BEST DRIVE!

Our mission is to help abused women and children, to help prevent high school dropout, and to help people dealing with mental challenges due to other types of issues. Our vision is to reach out and give these people the support and resources needed to get them assistance when needed. Also, to help put them on the right path to work on SELF and to let them know that when all else fells, they do have someone in their corner to turn to.
If you need someone to come speak at your local schools, churches, youth/detention centers, children’s home, etc., please give me a call @ 601-597-9396. *Local Business Office/Home coming soon*

Glennese M. Smith- Scott, Founder/CEO GMSS       
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Mar 4, 2018 The Historic Dr. John B. Banks House